Dr.Hemant Shyam Sonare is a LIFE COACH, HONER , IDEATOR , MENTOR , MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER who inspires and empowers others to reach their full potential. Dr.Hemant Shyam Sonare Consulting play a crucial role in helping businesses navigate the complex challenges and opportunities within the industry, ultimately driving growth, innovation, and sustainability. Dr. Hemant Sonare provides project consultancy in the education, textile and clothing industry involves providing expert advice and support to businesses operating within this sector.


Dr. Hemant Shyam Sonare also works specially for education sector for fostering teamwork, creativity, effective campus management, accreditation, quality teaching, excellence, Student & Faculty satisfaction, and happiness Quotient. These are all interconnected aspects of building a successful and thriving educational institution. By prioritizing these elements, institutions & universities can create an environment conducive to learning, growth, and development for all stakeholders. By incorporating these strategies at different campuses with positive leadership approach, educational groups can cultivate a culture of productivity, teamwork, and excellence that drives industry profitability and fosters enthusiasm among staff members.

Dr. Hemant Shyam Sonare provides consultancy services in the area of education by offering expert advice & strategies with solutions to universities, educational institutions, policymakers, educators, and other stakeholders.

Dr. Hemant Shyam Sonare

The key areas of educational consultancy include Curriculum Development and Assessment, Innovation, Research & Development, Teacher Training, Professional Development, School Improvement and Management, Policy and Research, Student Support Services, Quality Assurance and Accreditation.

These services offer institutions expert insights and customized solutions to improve educational practices, enhance student learning outcomes, and implement innovative teaching methods. Dr. Hemant Shyam Sonare’s educational consultancy services play a crucial role in enhancing the quality and effectiveness of education systems through objective analysis and capacity building of resources. By leveraging his expertise & extensive experience, educational institutions can implement best practices, adopt innovative solutions, and ultimately improve student outcomes.

Dr. Hemant Shyam Sonare


Dr. Hemant Sonare provides branding consultancy by working closely with businesses to build strong, cohesive, and memorable brands that drive customer loyalty and business success. A Branding & Marketing Consultancy can be a vital partner in building a strong brand and driving business success. By leveraging his expertise, businesses can create compelling brand experiences, engage effectively with their audiences, and achieve their marketing objectives.

Dr. Hemant Sonare helps in brand strategy development, brand identity creation, digital branding, brand experience, brand management & employee. Dr. Hemant Sonare helps businesses to create, develop, and maintain a strong brand identity that resonates with their target audience and differentiates them from competitors. These services encompass various strategic and creative processes tailored to align a brand image with its business goals.


DHSSSC provides solutions aimed at improving various aspects of textile and clothing operations including design, manufacturing, supply chain management, marketing, and sustainability. Market Research & Analysis, Product Development, Design: Manufacturing Optimization. Supply Chain Management, Marketing & Branding, Sustainability & CSR, Technology Integration: Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, Training & Capacity Building.

Hemant Shyam Sonare Consulting helps in developing strategies & help organizations to enhance productivity, team building, performance excellence, industry profitability, ownership, motivation, and enthusiasm among staff members, Clear Goals and Expectations, Effective Communication, Empowerment and Ownership. Recognition and Rewards, Training and Development, Promote Collaboration, Work-Life Balance.

Dr. Hemant Shyam Sonare

With the help of Dr. Hemant Sonare Consulting organizations can achieve significant improvements in productivity, quality, and work culture, leading to better overall performance and competitive advantage.

🏫Services Provided:

HR Consulting
On-Profit Consulting
Business Consulting
Management consulting
Corporate Training
Change Management
growth Strategy
Public Speaking
Presentation Design