Dr. Hemant Shyam Sonare Empowerment Foundation helps to foster entrepreneurship by creating support environment for budding entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship plays a vital role in driving economic growth & job creation. It is the engine that propels innovation, generates new businesses and brings fresh products & services to the market. Starting and running a business can be challenging for all new entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs often struggle with access to funding, navigating complex regulations and acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge. Dr. Hemant Shyam Sonare provide entrepreneurial support through his unique initiative ‘MI UDHOJAK HONAR’. This entrepreneurial support initiative getting good response in all collages & universities where students accepting entrepreneurship as a career choice.

Dr. Hemant Shyam Sonare Empowerment Foundation started this initiative journey with passion and a single driving thought of converting the huge potential of ideas, talent and aspirations into a meaningful outcome in the form of innovations, ventures and job creation opportunities.

Dr.Hemant Sonare provides advice for starting an enterprise to nurturing the entrepreneurial activities till towards growth of the enterprise until the achievement of maturity in business operations. As a backbone support, Dr. Hemant Sonare intends to bring together the ecosystem who can help inspire an entrepreneurial movement across Maharashtra.

Dr. Hemant Shyam Sonare Empowerment Foundation supports partners hoping to scale existing players to the next level of growth.

DHSSEF offers a wide spectrum of entrepreneurial support services, DHSSEF taken this initiative with a vision to support, mentor and train budding as well as early-stage entrepreneurs & aim to reduce risk and simplify entrepreneurship; while transforming it into a viable & preferred career option.

DHSSEF believe that creation of a work portfolio through experiential learning and pre-incubation training is vital for entrepreneurship. DHSSFF offer entrepreneurship training programs & workshops with colleges and universities to build a robust ‘Innovation & Entrepreneurship’ ecosystem that includes pre-Incubation consulting & experiential workshops for students & faculty members.

DHSSEF provide services from funding facilitation & marketing to franchising support, every offering is well-researched, bench-marked, tech-enabled & facilitated by experts. In addition, Strategic alliances with various financial & business organizations ensure support in critical areas, including funding, training & business management. Through Dr. Hemant Shyam Sonare Empowerment Foundation, we support to make running your small business easy.

DHSSEF simplify every aspect of starting, managing, and growing new venture. With expert guidance, tech-savvy solutions, and user-friendly features, DHSSEF committed to success of entrepreneur. & add value to their business every day through our expert advice.

Join us and experience entrepreneurship made easy.

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